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Aug 20, 2018
The news this year has been full of references to The Federal Reserve ("The Fed") and how it has been raising interest rates.  But, how does this affect you and your mortgage.  The Fed is in control of US monetary policy and very short term interest rates - Not Mortgage Interest Rates.   Their primary job is to keep inflation in check and have goal to keep long term inflation around 2%.  Basically, if the economy gets "too hot", they will raise short term rates to slow it down or "put on the bra...
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Aug 06, 2018
Recently Italy had political turmoil that affected the bond markets and stability not only in Europe but in the United States. An inconclusive election increased Italy bond yields and scared people into moving their money into safe haven assets in the US, specifically the bond market. As a result, the yields in the US bond market dropped to new recent lows. Your probably wondering, how can an international crisis help me save money? Well, this is positive for US homeowners because it allows them...
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Jul 30, 2018
FHA loan handbook, HUD 4000.1 states that a refund is available if the borrower is refinancing an FHA mortgage to another FHA mortgage within the first 3 years.   This schedule is a pro-rated refund based upon the length that you have been on the loan.
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Jul 15, 2018
The qualifications for an FHA cash out loan is very similar to a new purchase loan or an regular FHA loan. Since the borrower is receiving money back on their investment, the lender is required to run a new credit report and the requirements are still relevant for new and even repeat customers.
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Jul 11, 2018
Perfectly timing the market on a refinance is very difficult to do.   Interest rate markets move daily and unless you are in position to apply and submit all of your paperwork within 24 hours, it is hard to catch the bottom of the market.   But, being "very close" to the bottom is usually very good too.   But, these bottoms sometimes don't happen every month or every year.   So, what is a prospective borrower to do?
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